About Us:

Success is usually defined by Predetermined Outcomes, or Mandated Testing.
Our goals are unique for each learner. Many different paths can lead to the same outcome. Our mission is to find which path fits the needs of the learner. We define success as any growth in skill and celebrate each step forward.

Our Services

  • Assessments and treatment planning
  • In-home programming
  • School consultation and training

Early Intervention – In-home and community

  • Behavioral reduction
  • Teaching positive replacement behavior
  • Increasing functional communication
  • Naturalistic teaching: modeling, imitation, and play

Skill development

  • Social
  • Independence/ self-help skills
  • Academic/ School readiness

Parent Training

  • 1:1 Training modeling and teaching parents/caregivers
  • Online classes – Knowledge is power
  • Interactive parent forum on the website (password protected)
  • Advocating families at iep’s, doe apts, etc
  • Group information session: In-person and virtual options
  • I want parents to know as much as possible so they gain confidence and empowerment to use their voices